Telltale Signs That Grubs Are Attacking Your Property

Connecticut home and business owners take pride in their lawns. We know that thriving, thick, and estate-quality grass is the first thing that guests and clients see when pulling into our properties. Additionally, from late spring through early fall, our Connecticut yards become our favorite outdoor hangouts, perfect for al fresco entertaining and events with friends and loved ones. So it's important that grubs — a major enemy of lawns' physical appearance — don't threaten that.

Grub Control Solutions Can Help Save Your Connecticut Lawn 

Unfortunately, like most New England states, countless external factors are working against our lawns, preventing them from looking their very best. Inclement weather, uneven soil profiles, and a wide range of regional diseases can quickly cause extensive damage to even the healthiest local lawns and gardens. One of the biggest threats faced by lawns here? Grubs. 

Also known as White Grubs, these seemingly innocuous baby beetles have ferocious appetites, devouring everything in their paths. In a relatively short time span, grubs can consume entire root systems, weakening the soil and causing visible damage to grass and plantings. Even a small outbreak can easily gain momentum, making professional grub control services a must. An effective grub control treatment plan can help eradicate these creepy crawlers, helping to restore it to its original luster. 

Do You Have a Grub Problem On Your Property?

The best way to know if you need grub control services is to be able to identify when you have a grub problem. Some key indicators that these bugs are making a meal of your grass and gardens include:

Irregular Brown Patches

Have you noticed irregular patches of brown, wilted grass dispersed throughout your lawn? It could be the mark of grubs. Yes, other factors, like high summer heat, can also cause brown spots on your property. However, if you notice that the grass is easily pulled from the ground and has no attached roots, it’s likely from a grub infestation.

Spongy Grass

Once deprived of vital nutrients and cut off from its roots, grass will start to become spongy when walked on. If you’ve noticed a little extra spring in your step when walking around your property, it may be due to grub damage. 

Flying Beetles

Mature female beetles looking for a safe place to nest and lay eggs may search for properties that already have a grub population. Additionally, once the grubs on your lawn mature, they will take flight in the area. If you suddenly see swarms of beetles around your property, you may need grub control services.

More Wildlife

These critters are pretty low on the food chain, with many known predators. Raccoons, skunks, birds, and other wildlife species will happily dine on the grubs on your property, trampling the grass and tearing up the soil as they do. An influx of larger animal sightings in your yard could mean you have a grub problem. 

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