The Top 3 Lawn Care Tips for the New Year

Now that the new year is here, it’s time to start planning ahead for your lawn care. If you want to have a healthy, gorgeous lawn this year, then it’s never too early to start planning. Here are the top three lawn care tips for the new year so you can finally enjoy the lush, green lawn of your dreams.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy With a Fertilization Schedule

One of the essential keys to effective lawn care is using a properly planned fertilization schedule for your grass. Providing your grass with the nutrients it needs at the best possible time is one of the best forms of preventative lawn care. Keeping your lawn healthy through proper fertilization builds up your lawn’s immune system, allowing it to protect itself from various outside threats. Lawn-damaging pests, fungi, lawn diseases, and weeds love to attack malnourished lawns. With a properly planned fertilization schedule, you can help your lawn protect itself from these threats.

So, what does a good lawn fertilization schedule look like? Effective fertilization begins in the spring, with a nutrient-packed spring fertilizer to help your lawn wake-up and green-up after the long winter. Slow-release fertilizers are especially helpful because they provide the lawn with the right nutrients over an extended period of time. Summer fertilization should be aimed at helping your lawn withstand the rigors of summer. Finally, use a winterization fertilizer at the end of the fall to give a much-needed boost to root growth, making your lawn stronger against the wind and cold of our Connecticut winters.

Getting the right nutrients and schedule depends on your grass type, the condition of your lawn, and the time of year. If you need help with your lawn fertilization, then a lawn care program from Naturally Green Lawn Care is the answer for you.

Protect Your Lawn From Problems With Consistent Weed Control

One of the best lawn care tips to help protect your lawn and keep it beautiful is by using consistent weed control. Weeds cause immense stress on our lawns as they invade and rob the area of vital nutrients. Their quick-growing root systems disrupt your grass’ environment and sap the soil of the nutrients and water that your grass needs to grow. Because the weeds grow so much quicker than your grass, they tend to hog the sunlight from your grass. In the end, weeds leave your lawn weak, malnourished, and ugly.
Protect your lawn from henbit and other common weeds with these lawn care tips for the new year.

With consistent weed control, you eliminate the competition from the weeds and free your grass to reach its full potential. Without weeds in your lawn, the grass has complete access to space, sunlight, nutrients, and water. If you start your weed control early enough, then you can prevent the first wave of weeds and give your lawn the whole spring to grow in nice and thick.

Start the year with a pre-emergent herbicide in the early spring, before any weeds have sprouted. Pre-emergents are magical and incredibly effective against weeds. They prevent the overwintering weed seeds that are hiding in your lawn from sprouting. Without this first, establishing, wave of weeds, you’re free to use spot-treatments for the remainder of the year. Spot treat with post-emergents for the inevitable weeds that sprout in the late spring and throughout the summer. End your year of lawn care with broadleaf weed control in the fall because broadleaf weeds have their second bloom at this time of year.

Give Your Lawn a Helpful Boost With Core Aeration

The final lawn care tip we have is to sign up early for a core aeration service. Core aeration is the perfect once-per-year lawn service that heals your lawn and gives it a helpful boost. By the end of the year, our lawns are pretty used up. Between foot traffic from your playing kids and pets and the traffic from regularly mowing your lawn, it’s not uncommon to develop compacted soil. Soil compaction restricts root growth and hinders the transfer of water, air, and nutrients through the soil, down to the roots. That’s where aeration comes into play.

If you notice pooling water, water run-off, bare or thinning patches of grass, or a soft and squishy feeling turf, then you probably have compacted soil. Core aeration on our cool-season grasses is best done in the fall, after the stresses of summer and during a period of aggressive growth for our lawns. Aerating your lawn is the process by which tiny cores of compacted soil are pulled out of your lawn. This process immediately relieves your lawn of compacted soil, allowing nutrients, water, and air to get down to the roots. Your roots are then freed to grow through the loose soil, making your lawn that much healthier before the winter.

Schedule this service early in the year so you can reserve your spot in the fall. Core aeration should be done once per year, every year.

Protect Your Lawn With the Help of Naturally Green Lawn Care

Don’t let your lawn suffer another year of lackluster lawn care. Show your lawn you care by investing in a lawn care program from the experts at Naturally Green Lawn Care. Our comprehensive lawn care services include fertilization, weed control, and a separate core aeration service to help you get the most out of your yard.

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