Tree & Shrub Care

Naturally Green offers comprehensive tree care services that will keep your trees and shrubs healthy and vibrant for years to come. Trees and shrubs represent a significant investment for homeowners, and replacing dead or dying trees or shrubs can be a costly process. That’s why investing in the preventative treatments discussed below makes sense for anyone who wants to keep their trees and shrubs healthy and thriving.

Deep Root Injections

When provided with a rich supply of nutrients, trees and shrubs will react by demonstrating a renewed vigor and growth.  They will also develop a stronger resistance to disease and drought, ensuring the long life of the tree or shrub.  Naturally Green’s tree and shrub fertilization via deep root injections places key nutrients into the root zone of the plants, where they are immediately absorbed and distributed.

The applications involve injecting nutrients just below the surface to a depth of 14 inches, in a grid pattern two to three feet apart under the canopy area and beyond the drip line. This ensures full coverage and that the roots are provided with an ample supply of nutrients.

Insect Control

Though small and often undetected, insects can kill trees and shrubs. Often spreading from one tree or shrub to the other, bugs have been known to wipe out entire landscapes within a one-year period.  This is why keeping insects under control and off of your trees and shrubs is important.

Naturally Green’s trained arborists will inspect your trees to identify any insect problems – paying close attention to trees that are already in poor health or are under stress. They will prescribe a treatment that eliminates pest insects while preserving beneficial insects.

Disease Control

Naturally Green’s arborists will examine each of your trees and shrubs, looking for the symptoms of diseases and then prescribing corrective measures to eliminate the disease while strengthening the overall health of the plant. As timing and materials are critical to managing tree diseases on ornamental trees, Naturally Green’s arborists will create a tree/shrub disease treatment plan that prevents and manages specific diseases.

Fungus Control

Like insect and disease infestations, fungal infestation can devastate the health of your trees and shrubs in a relatively short amount of time. Fungal infestations can also be difficult to detect. Once the homeowners is seeing the damage caused by fungi, it may be too late to reverse the damage.

Naturally Green’s arborists will thoroughly examine your trees and shrub and will create a fungus control plan that both eliminates current fungal infestations while also preventing future ones.

Dormant Oil Spraying

All natural and environmentally-safe dormant oils provide a natural defense for your trees and shrubs from insects. The oils are applied to your landscape via spraying, and while being harmful to damaging insect pests, are completely safe to surrounding plants, to humans and to pets. Once applied, the oil gives your trees and shrubs weeks of all-natural protection from insects.


The brutal winter weather in Connecticut can be harmful or deadly to trees and shrubs, that are stressed by the extreme weather conditions and are often unable to get enough water.  Anti-desiccants protect against this by slowing the loss of water by plants, by creating a thin barrier over the plant’s leaves.

Naturally Green will apply anti-desiccants to all your trees and shrubs in the fall, to allow the plants time to store up water and to create a barrier with the plant and the effects of harsh winter weather.

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