Perimeter Pest Control

As weather conditions become more severe – either getting hot or cold – insects, spiders and other pests seek shelter wherever they can to escape the conditions. Often, they will try to take refuge in the safety of your home. After all, your home provides shelter, a heating/cooling system, food and water – all things these uninvited guests need.

In order to keep your home from turning into a pest hotel, pest control products need to be applied to the exterior of your home – creating a highly-effective barrier between your home and the pests.

This is what Naturally Green’s perimeter insect control service does. Naturally Green pest defense specialists apply an environmentally and pet-safe product to areas where these critters like to reside – in cracks and crevices, in areas with high plant concentrations, along the foundation of your home, and other areas.

This barrier kills the pests on contact – and keeps working for weeks at a time.

The result? The critters stay out of your home, reducing the need for interior pest control measures to be taken.

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