Lawn Care Service

Naturally Green provides comprehensive lawn care services that keep your lawn green and weed-free, while protecting your turf from grubs, pests, disease or fungal attacks. We also work beyond just the turf itself, correcting your soil with effective lime treatments that optimize your lawn’s soil conditions.

We also provide organic programs, for those who want to treat their lawns with 100% natural products.

On any property, vegetation growth and overgrowth can become a problem. This is why Naturally Green provides vegetation control and bed weed control services.

Lawn Fertilization

Naturally Green’s lawn care experts will analyze your lawn’s condition and customize a fertilization treatment plan that is consistent with your lawn’s soil type, soil condition, current nutrient-level condition, and other factors that can contribute to depleting nutrients from your lawn.

Using only 100% environmentally-friendly fertilizer products, Naturally Green feeds your lawn the right mix of nutrients so as to regain or retain its vibrant, healthy, lush appearance. Your lawn responds by growing and filling in bare spots, which in turn reduces weeds and other pests from getting a foothold in your lawn.

Weed Control

Naturally Green applies a pre-emergent weed control product to your lawn, to prevent weeds from growing and to slow the progression or spread of new weeds into your lawn.

We implement an aggressive, environmentally-safe weed control treatment plan to get rid of broadleaf and grassy weeds (such as crabgrass) that have invaded your lawn.

Disease & Fungus Control

Nothing can decimate a lawn more quickly than a disease or fungal attack. Often by the time you see the dead-looking brown patches, and/or the highly visible spots, rings or slimes, the disease or fungus has already gained a foothold in your lawn. Disease and fungi are often brought on by drought or overwatering, overly compacted soil, too much fertilizer or adverse weather conditions. Diseases and fungi need to be treated aggressively and promptly once an analysis has been performed.

While it is best to utilize Naturally Green’s preventative lawn care applications – including disease & fungal prevention – there are effective treatments to rid your lawn of diseases and fungi as well as preventing the spread of these lawn killers.

Grub Control

Unlike disease and fungal attacks, grubs often will populate a lawn that is healthy and lush. By eating away at the grass root structure, the blades of grass die – leaving large patches of dead, unregenerate turf. This type of damage is irreversible – and can only be corrected by riding the soil of existing grubs and planting new seed or sod. This is why ridding your lawn of grubs early on is important. Naturally Green’s grub control programs can get rid of exiting grubs, but more importantly, can eliminate them before they reach the larval stage – the stage in which they can cause serious damage to your lawn.


Lime Treatments

When your soil lacks acidity, your lawn suffers by slow growth and susceptibility to disease and fungal attacks. Naturally Green’s lawn care experts will perform a soil analysis to determine the pH level of your soil, to determine if – and how much – lime needs to be applied to your lawn. A lawn that has been properly limed will recover its health and lush appearance quickly.

Vegetation Control

Unwanted and uncontrolled vegetation often grows in an area that has been neglected for some time. Naturally Green helps control and eliminate unwanted vegetation on your property, such as weed prevention on footpaths, in driveways and planted landscapes; long term weed suppression in industrial areas; and selective grassy weed control in established plantings.

Bed Weed Control

Naturally Green keeps your landscape beds free from weeds by utilizing a combined strategy of weed control applications to stop germination, along with spot treatments throughout the season to stop weeds from spreading. We will also advise you on effective methods for controlling weeds between our visits, such as using mulch or a cover crop to block weeds from growing.


<p “text-align: center;”>For those who are interested in a completely natural approach to maintain a healthy lawn, Naturally green offers a 100% natural approach to giving you your dream lawn! While using a balanced amount of organic fertilizer, we will thicken and green your lawn. Call now to get more info! Check out some of our methods for organic lawn care:

  • Leaving Grass Clippings
  • Proper Fertilization
  • Grub Control
  • Fungicide Applications
  • Watering
  • Proper Mowing


The main objective of an IPM lawn care plan is to minimize the amount of pesticides used, while still protecting you and your home from harmful pests and maintaining your curb appeal. Giving you a much more natural approach to lawn care. We have used this approach for all of our clients and have achieved excellent results. You can be assured that your lawn care program will have a minimal environmental impact and the results will be amazing.

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