Complete Lawn Care in Wallingford, CT

An environment is at its happiest when it’s treated with natural and eco-friendly products by experienced lawn care professionals with a passion for great service. 

Our team is made up of lawn care experts specializing in:

  • Weed control.
  • Lawn aeration and seeding.
  • Tree and shrub care.
  • Flea and tick control.
  • Perimeter pest control.

Having served the Wallingford area and surrounding counties since 1999, we’ve felt right at home near some of Connecticut’s most beautiful green spaces. Contact Us today so we can work together to take care of your favorite green space.

Lawn Aeration and Seeding in Wallingford

Aeration is an important lawn care step that allows nutrients and oxygen to reach your grassroots by poking holes in your soil’s build-up (also known as thatch). Naturally Green approaches lawn aeration with a top-of-the-line core aerator that mechanically removes plugs of soil, letting your yard drink up nutrients laid during lawn fertilization. Not only does lawn aeration help your turf grow greener and thicker, it also gets your grass into top health to act as natural weed control, reducing your need for pesticides in your lawn care routine.

After aeration, we follow up with a combination of overseeding and slice seeding to restore your turf and make it healthier than before. High-quality grass seed is spread throughout your yard, and we apply extra care to bare and thin areas on your lawn. Seeding after lawn aeration is highly encouraged because the seeds fall into the holes, mix with your current grass, and get to work on growing into the kind of vibrant lawn you see on postcards.

Why Aerate Your Lawn?

  • Makes lawn fertilization more effective.
  • Promotes natural weed control.
  • Gives grass space to grow.
  • Essential for a healthy lawn all year. 

Perimeter Pest Control in Wallingford

Naturally Green’s perimeter pest control protects your home’s interior by addressing the exterior. Our eco-friendly program includes three spray treatments in spring, summer, and winter. We use a hydraulic sprayer to line your home’s foundation with an invisible barrier up to three feet thick, stopping pests before they even reach the door. Our 100% natural product is powerful enough to kill pests on contact without doing damage to your plants, pets, or the environment.

Connecticut’s Most Common Pests in Wallingford, CT:

  • Carpenter ants.
  • Centipedes.
  • Millipedes.
  • Silverfish.
  • Cockroaches.
  • Spiders.

The importance of pest control concerns more than unsightly creepy crawlies scurrying across your floors. Effective flea and tick control prevents these leeching, disease-carrying insects from using your family members as a one-way ticket indoors. You’ll also notice our program leaves you with fewer bites and risk of viruses with effective mosquito control as well.

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