Edgewood Park

Nestled within the confines of New Haven is one of its favorite green places – Edgewood Park. Edgewood Park is a great place for residents and visitors to go to enjoy wide open green spaces, beautiful trees and ornamental bushes, six ponds, and the city’s West River. The park is blessed with an intricate trail system that includes walking trails and a sensory trail that are perfect for adults and kids of all ages. The sensory trail is especially appreciated by people who have a visual impairment.

While visiting Edgewood Park, here are some of the amenities you might enjoy:

  • Coogan Pavilion and Gazebo – a great place to set up a picnic, relax in the shade or enjoy a cookout with your family and friends
  • Playground – Land Ho! Kids will enjoy the ship-shaped playscape, appropriate for tots on up
  • Canoeing and Fishing – on the lower West River and the Duck Pond
  • Dog Run – fenced in area for dogs to play off leash.

Edgewood Park is open year round, from sunrise to sunset.

Nature Takes Care of Edgewood Park – but How Do You take Care of Your Favorite Green Space?

While one of your favorite green spaces – the one around your home – may not have six ponds or a network of walking trails – it is still pretty awesome to you. That’s why Naturally Green Lawn Care is all about helping people take care of the lawn and trees around their homes.
Being a locally owned and operated business, we understand the challenges that lawns and trees face in the New Haven, Connecticut area – from the demands placed on landscapes from harsh/cold weather conditions, to the various types of soil in the area, Naturally Green understands how to help landscapes thrive.
That’s why we offer these services to the residents of New Haven and the New Haven area:

And to help you be able to comfortably enjoy your beautiful green space while keeping pests out of your home, Naturally Green also offers:

Let’s Talk About Your Green Space – and How to Make It Perfect

Call Naturally Green to talk to one of our lawn care, tree care, or pest control specialists. We’ll take the time to listen to you and to discuss with you all about your lawn and trees – explaining to you some of our services and how we can help you maximize your investment in your favorite green space.

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