Lawn Care in New Haven

Lawn care is more than keeping up with the neighbors. Your yard can be your oasis, and a place you are proud to call part of your home. That’s why at Naturally Green, we customize services to each lawn we care for to give our customers the landscapes they want their yards to be.

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When you partner with us for lawn care, you can expect:

    • Knowledgeable technicians, familiar with the challenges of lawn care in New Haven. 
    • A service-oriented attitude that addresses your needs promptly and effectively.
    • Organic program options with 100% natural products.
    • An integrated approach to lawn care that both protects your turf & corrects your soil.

At Naturally Green, we’ve been creating beautiful lawns without harsh chemicals since 1999. Give us a call to talk about what you want your landscape to look like, and we’ll help you get there. 

Aeration & Seeding

Comprehensive lawn care goes beyond just treating your turf. Aeration and seeding addresses compaction that happens below the topsoil, constricting the flow of water and nutrients to your grass. At Naturally Green, we use a variety of methods for aeration and seeding so that your lawn is prepared to reap all the benefits of this service.

Our aeration and seeding process includes:

  • Core Aeration that uses the latest models of machines to pull small plugs of grass and soil, giving roots room to thrive
  • Overseeding that can be done after aeration or separately. We spread high quality-seed that sinks into the soil and replenishes your lawn.
  • Slice Seeding where a machine pokes holes in the ground to insert seeds for a more targeted approach

Aeration and seeding give your lawn the boost it needs to grow happy and healthy! Enhance the appearance and longevity of your lawn by scheduling aeration and seeding today.

Perimeter Pest Control

At Naturally Green, we believe that a beautiful and enjoyable lawn is possible without harsh chemicals, and the same goes for perimeter pest control. We take an integrative approach to pest management that prioritizes using the minimum amount of chemicals.

Our perimeter pest control service in New Haven includes:

    • Treatment to the exterior of your home from one of our pest defense specialists.
    • Environmentally friendly and pet-safe products.
    • A highly-effective barrier, applied to every perimeter crack and crevice.
    • Treatment that kills pests on contact and keeps working for weeks at a time.

So don’t wait until weather conditions push in pests seeking shelter. Get perimeter pest control that proactively keeps pests away from your home.

How to Make Your Green Space Perfect

Call Naturally Green to talk to one of our lawn care, tree care, or pest control specialists. We’ll take the time to listen to you and to discuss with you all about your lawn and trees – explaining to you some of our services and how we can help you maximize your investment in your favorite green space.

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