November Lawn Care Tips for Your Connecticut Lawn

Lawn care in the off-season is actually pretty important when it comes to creating a healthy lawn. When you think about it, the steps you take to care for your turf right before it gets covered with snow, sleet, rain, and fall debris is how it will hold up over the long, cold winter. So while more often than not, lawn care gets abandoned in the fall, Naturally Green is here to help you ensure your lawn is able to flourish in the warm-season. Follow along for some tips, tricks, and lawn care remedies that will encourage lawn health in every season, from the roots to the tips.

Feeding Your Lawn in the Fall

Fall fertilizer is extremely important to turf before the cool-season comes into full effect. There are a lot of ideas around fertilization, but the common misconception is that fertilizing your lawn happens in the springtime. While it does, in fact, happen in the spring, it does not only happen during that season. When you make the choice to apply a round of late-season fall fertilizer, you can set yourself up to have a lawn that is stronger. This will allow it to withstand the winter weather much better because it will be adequately fed and won't have to fight for the nutrients it needs.

Root Growth

With a direct correlation to fertilization, it only makes sense that the more you feed your lawn, the stronger the roots will grow ad the overall healthier it will be. The healthier the roots are, the better your lawn can sustain itself by fighting off things like insects, freeze, and disease.

Continue to Mow Your Turflawn mower cutting grass

It's tough to think about mowing your lawn as a pre-winter activity. A lot of the time, mowing stops when August hits, and turf continues to grow up until the ground freezes. Your turf will likely grow until the first snowfall, and if that doesn't come in August (which it usually doesn't) you could be looking at fungus or disease developing on your lawn. This is more likely because of the debris and dew that sits on top of the longer blades of grass.

Is Your Connecticut Lawn Struggling and in Need of Some Attention?

Naturally Green Lawn Care is fully equipped to handle any off-season lawn care that our Connecticut residents might need to keep their lawns healthy. We are prepared to take on anything from fertilizing to creating a mowing schedule. Our other lawn care services include grub control, insect control, weed control, disease and fungus control, and many other options.

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