Improve Your Mood With These Simple To Grow Houseplants

The holiday season and the new year can be a stressful time for everyone, and one simple way to help yourself de-stress after all the hustle and bustle is keeping houseplants in your North Haven home. Having a few plants around is an inexpensive way to boost your mood, improve your home’s air quality, and give you and your family something fun to take care of. Not to mention, houseplants come in a variety of colors, sizes, and levels of care, so you can find a houseplant that can thrive in any room of your house, no matter what gardening experience you have. If you’re looking for some ideas for easy houseplants to add to your home, your friends at Naturally Green Lawn Care have you covered!

Some Easy-To-Grow Houseplants Anyone Can Take On

Air plants
These are the perfect option for anyone looking for the ultimate low-maintenance house plant. Air plants don’t require any soil or even a pot, just a light misting once a week. They’re perfect for any spot in your house that gets bright light.

Bromeliads plants like high humidity, so they’re a great option for your bathroom, sunroom, or kitchen. If well-taken care of in the winter, these plants can produce beautiful blooms to decorate your home. 

Aloe Vera
You’ve probably heard of aloe vera and all the benefits the sap can have for burns, small cuts, and dry skin. This functionality makes it a great house plant, but aloe vera is also very easy to take care of. Like any succulent, it just needs a little water and bright, indirect light. 

Prayer Plant
Prayer plants are not picky about their growing conditions, but their multicolored leaves prefer a warm, sunny spot near the window in your living room or kitchen. Just make sure you occasionally clean the plant’s leaves to avoid attracting pests. 

Peace Lily
If you’re looking for a plant that will have long-lasting blooms, look no further than the peace lily. These plants produce unique white flowers and can be placed anywhere in your home where the temperature is relatively constant, so avoid hot drafts and cold windows. 

Snake Plant
Snake plants have long, pointy leaves and can help bring a tropical vibe to any room in your home. They can tolerate low light conditions, so snake plants are a good option for a bedroom corner or office desk that doesn’t get a lot of light. These plants only need water occasionally, otherwise, their roots can rot. 

How Houseplants Can Help Reduce Your Stress And Improve Your Mental Health

Besides making your North Haven home more beautiful, houseplants can have a lot of benefits for your health and your environment. Studies have shown that simply having a plant in your office at home or on your desk at work can reduce stress levels, help you relax more, and even make you feel happier! Additionally, workspaces can benefit from houseplants because they can improve your ability to concentrate, increase your memory retention, and boost your creativity and productivity. This makes plants an excellent option for your home and your office, classroom, or workspace. 

Plus, Houseplants Can Freshen The Air In Your Home

Another benefit of houseplants is that they can help purify and freshen the air in your home. Air pollution from sources like car exhaust and city traffic can be detrimental to your health, so having clean, fresh air in your home is very important. With their ability to pull carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen, plants are like natural air fresheners. And, if you pick an aromatic house plant like gardenia or an herb like lavender, your plants will not only freshen the air but make it smell lovely as well! 

For All Of Your Plant Care Needs in North Haven, Call The Experts At Naturally Green Lawn Care

While some houseplants don’t require a lot of care, the plants outside your North Haven home need special care and attention to keep them looking great and in top shape. The professionals at Naturally Green Lawn Care can help you out. We offer a comprehensive tree and shrub care program that will make sure your plants are healthy and vibrant. We know that trees and shrubs are a big investment for your yard, so our expert technicians use deep root injections, pest control, disease prevention, dormant oil spray, and anti-desiccant applications to help ensure your plants thrive.

Make sure to visit our website to see more information on our tree and shrub care program and all of our other lawn care and pest control services. Then, fill out our contact form online, or give us a call at 203-230-9212 to get started scheduling your services today. And be sure to stay connected with us on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and our monthly blog for more helpful tips on taking care of your North Haven lawn and home!