How To Improve Your Lawn’s Appearance With Overseeding And Aeration

Now that spring has finally arrived, it's time to assess the health of your lawn. Have you noticed bare or thinning patches? Is your turfgrass tough and hard like concrete? These signs could mean an aeration treatment is in order. Using a specialized device, your lawn care technician can improve the health and appearance of your lawn in a matter of hours with an aeration and overseeding application.aeration machine

What Does Aeration Do

Aeration, also known as core aeration, is a treatment that drills hundreds of tiny holes into the lawn. The earth removed from these holes is known as "plugs," and they are scattered over your lawn so they can break down into mulch. By creating these holes, water, air, sunlight, and nutrients can find their way beneath the surface. If soil is compacted, it makes it difficult for your grass to thrive.

Why Aeration And Overseeding Are Beneficial

There are many reasons to schedule a professional to aerate and overseed your lawn. Aeration breaks down compacted soil, improves water and nutrient levels, prevents excess water pooling, and breaks up thatch in the lawn. If your lawn needs a seeding application, the holes make the earth more receptive to seeding - more on this in a moment.

How To Tell If Your Lawn Needs Aeration

Excess Moisture

If the ground is too compacted, water will pool in your lawn rather than being absorbed by the grassroots.

Tough Soil

Compacted soil is dense and difficult to penetrate with garden tools.

Spongy Grass

If too much thatch has built up in your turfgrass, the lawn will feel spongy to walk on.

Types Of Seeding Applicationsgrass overseeding

Many homeowners choose a seeding application in conjunction with an aeration treatment. The two services complement each other; aeration sets up your lawn to be receptive to new seed. While the best time to plant grass seed in Connecticut is in late summer, there's no reason you should suffer through the summer with brown, thinning or dry turf. At Naturally Green, we offer two options for seeding, and both are highly effective at restoring your lawn. Both methods are also considerably cheaper than starting over from scratch with sod.


This type of seeding is ideal if you'd like to recover your entire lawn. After aeration, turfgrass seeds are scattered evenly over the soil's surface, where they will fall into the core aeration holes and germinate.

Slice Seeding

The process of slice seeding is similar to that of aeration. A machine is used to create holes in the earth for grass seed to be deposited. However, this type of seeding is best for smaller areas since this method is a more targeted approach. Like overseeding, slice seeding can be performed in conjunction with core aeration.

Start The Journey To A Healthier Lawn - Call Naturally Green Lawn Care

Give your lawn a facelift this spring with help from the expert technicians at Naturally Green Lawn Care. Our overseeding and aeration services will break up compacted soil and replenish thinning or bare patches in your lawn. We'll also advise you on the best grass seed blends for Connecticut yards so you can enjoy a green, vibrant lawn for years to come! Call (203) 230-9212 or leave us a message online here. For more inspiration on lawn care, be sure to check out our monthly blog and visit our social pages: FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.