Flowering Trees to Add Beauty to Your Connecticut Lawn

Having a feature tree in the front lawn is a great way to boost the curb appeal of your Connecticut property. Some homeowners choose from the old classics, like stately oaks and fall-friendly maples. Others choose more unique trees, like a Japanese maple or a weeping willow. While these are excellent options, there’s no better way to boost your curb appeal than with a flowering tree. Here are a few of the most beautiful flowering trees in Connecticut to help make your lawn as beautiful as possible.

Eastern Redbud

Blossoms from the Eastern redbud tree make it pretty obvious why this is one of the most popular flowering trees in Connecticut.
One of the most stunning and satisfying flowering trees to plant in your Connecticut lawn is the gorgeous Eastern redbud. This beautiful flowering tree is small and easy to maintain, making it a great addition to the front of the home. In the spring, the Eastern redbud is adjourned with showy clusters of pink or magenta flowers. Watch for these flowers, and the beneficial pollinators that they attract, throughout the spring.

Northern Catalpa Tree

Here’s a flowering tree that’s on the larger side. The Northern catalpa tree isn’t a tree that’s often mentioned, but it should be. The Northern catalpa tree grows up to 90 feet tall, so watch for power lines when deciding where to plant your tree and make sure it isn’t too close to the house. This fast-growing tree has large, emerald-colored leaves in the shape of a plate-sized heart. In the summer, these trees offer heavenly shade. However, late spring is this tree’s time to shine.

The Northern catalpa tree bursts with panicles of trumpet-shaped flowers. The flowers are white with yellow stripes and have purple spots inside. They are a favorite stop for beneficial pollinators. The best part is that the flowers from Northern catalpa trees smell incredible. Plant a Northern catalpa tree in your Connecticut lawn to boost your property’s curb appeal and add a fragrant piece of heaven to your home.

Flowering Cherry Trees

One of the first blossoms to come to mind when discussing beautiful flowering trees is the cherry blossom. Flowering cherry trees are some of the most sought after flowering trees in the country. Their blossoms are so beautiful that they attract tens of thousands of people to cherry blossom festivals every year. Here in Connecticut, you can have your very own cherry blossom festival every year by planting a flowering cherry tree (or two) in your own lawn. These stunning flowers are favorite stops for pollinators like honeybees, butterflies, bumblebees, and more. Then, in the summer, you’ll get a tasty treat for yourself as the cherries form.

Dogwood Trees

Dogwood trees are the common favorites when it comes to flowering trees in Connecticut.
Dogwood trees are some of the best and most beautiful flowering trees in Connecticut. Their compact size, ease of care and maintenance, and the many varieties make the dogwood tree perfect for anyone in any situation. Adding a dogwood tree to the landscaping of your front yard is an excellent way to boost your home’s curb appeal this spring. The brilliant flowers of dogwood trees are in full display in the spring, calling in all sorts of beautiful pollinators.

Dogwood Tree Varieties for Your Connecticut Lawn:

  • Flowering Dogwood
  • Kousa Dogwood
  • Alternate-Leaved Dogwood
  • Pagoda Dogwood

Crabapple Trees

Crabapple trees are another common tree that’s mentioned when discussing the most beautiful flowering trees. These lovely trees come in many different shapes and sizes, making a crabapple tree an interesting and unique addition to your Connecticut property. The beautiful flowers bloom in the spring and can be white, pink, purple, or red depending on which crabapple variety you choose.

The best part about crabapple trees is that some of them are productive all year long. Some varieties of crabapple trees have flowers in the spring, fruit in the summer, beautiful fall colors, and retain their bright-colored fruit throughout the winter. This means you’ll be boosting your curb appeal all year long.

Crabapple Tree Varieties for Your Connecticut Lawn:

  • Red Jade Crabapple
  • Pink Princess Crabapple
  • Snowdrift Crabapple
  • Molten Lava Crabapple
  • Golden Harvest Crabapple Tree
  • Brandywine Crabapple

Naturally Green Lawn Care Provides the Best Care for Your Beautiful Flowering Trees

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