Do You Know Your What Your Connecticut Lawn’s pH Level Is?

It's September here on the west coast of Connecticut, and fall is quickly approaching. Some of us are embracing it with open arms and apple cider, while others are getting in as many days of sunshine as they can at their local beaches and lakes.

Whatever your choice, now is no time to neglect your lawn care. In fact, this time of year is perfect for having a soil test done and receiving lime treatment if necessary. Today, we will walk you through what a soil test is, why it's so crucial to your lawn, and how a lime treatment could help you if needed.

What Is a Soil Test?

A soil analysis is a detailed report of your soil's composition. While you can buy inexpensive soil test kits at most home goods and garden stores, we recommend hiring a licensed lawn care company trained and knowledgeable on all things soil-related. They will come out and take 10-15 small samples from various parts of your yard, will then combine the results, and deliver you a report. Things the information can tell you include:

  • Which nutrients your lawn lacks or has in abundance
  • Which nutrients are low
  • The pH level of your soil
  • The presence of any pollutants or contaminants

Generally, you should conduct a soil test every three to five years.

Why Is Having a Soil Test So Beneficial to Your Connecticut Lawn?

Determine the pH Level of Your Soil
There are a variety of reasons why having your soil analyzed is beneficial to your lawn. The biggest and perhaps most important reason is the ability to determine your soil's pH level. The pH level of your soil is basically the measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of your soil. When soil falls more on the acidic end of the pH scale, it affects how well your soil absorbs nutrients. This means that no matter how much or what kind of fertilizer you put down, your grass can't use it. 

Soil pH balance is measured on a scale from one to 14, with seven considered neutral. Measurements below seven are considered acidic or “sour," while any number above seven is alkaline or ”sweet." Most plants prefer neutral soil with a pH balance between 6.2 and 7.2. 

Determine if One Nutrient Is Needed Over Another
Fertilizer typically contains three main ingredients, phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen. Each plays its own role in strengthening a part of your grass. For example, phosphorous helps with cell development, while potassium helps with root development and stress recovery. Having your soil tested can ensure we provide your grass with the appropriate amount of each without overdoing it. Just as under-fertilizing is bad, so is over-fertilizing. Over-fertilizing can lead to burned-out roots, uneven growth, and brown patches.

Having a soil test done will also help you determine if there is anything in your soil that should not be there. If something is found, we can come up with a plan to have it removed.

What Causes a Ph Imbalance?

Your geographic location naturally determines your lawn's pH levels. Our soil is naturally acidic here in Connecticut, and limestone is needed to maintain the proper pH level regularly. 

Other lawn stressors such as too much rainfall, lack of rain, excessive heat, or cold can also impact your levels. During large amounts of rainfall, nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium are often lacking, causing the soil to lose its acidity.

What Are Some Symptoms of a pH Imbalance?

If your Connecticut lawn is starting to become overgrown with weeds, is suffering from weak growth, and dealing with tons of insect infestations, it could be climate stressors, it could be a particular lawn disease, or your pH levels could be out of balance.

Other Symptoms of pH Imbalance Include:

  • Weak growth
  • The presence of lawn moss
  • Failure to respond after treatment with fertilizer
  • Washed-out color

The true way to find out? Through a soil analysis.

Get a Soil Analysis and Lime Treatment if Necessary by Calling the Professionals at Naturally Green Lawn Care

Where can I obtain a soil analysis and lime treatment if I need one? The professionals at Naturally Green Lawn Care can perform a soil analysis to determine the pH level of your soil. And in doing so, we will determine what, if any, nutrients need to be added. We also perform lime treatments if your lawn needs one.

A lawn that has been properly limed will recover its health and lush appearance quickly. But, don't wait! Fall is a great time to have your soil analyzed, but you want to do it before the first freeze. Contact the professionals at Naturally Green Lawn Care and learn more now. Fill out our online form or give us a call at 1-203-230-9212.

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