Cool-Season Greenery Care: Protecting Your Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are not plants that will simply flourish alone. They often require a level of care that is unmatched by gardens, because trees need year-round care. That's right, tree and shrub care don't stop when the weather changes. Our Connecticut clients know that we experience quite the harsh winter. We want to ensure that our trees and shrubs that create incredible scenery are preserved during that time.

There are two essential tree and shrub services that Naturally Green Lawn Care offers and recommends to provide winter protection. These two services are anti-desiccant and deep-root injections. Making yourself, as a homeowner, aware of these two tree and shrub treatments will allow you to be able to create an incredible environment for your landscape greenery.

Anti-Desiccant: What Is It and When to Applyround shrubs in landscaping

Winter imposes one prominent thing to your trees and shrubs and that is stress. Stress from not receiving enough water or nutrients can really take away what your trees need to thrive. When your landscaping isn't receiving enough water, it will eventually die. By being purposeful about your anti-desiccant and applying it throughout the winter and cool-season months, it will protect against tree stress by slowing down the loss of water. Anti-desiccant will do this by allowing a barrier to be created over the trees or shrubs leaves.

Deep-Root Injections: What, When, and Why

The cool-weather months call for some extra tender loving care to your tree's roots. Deep-root injections are to fertilize your trees from the ground up and properly prepare them for the harsh stress of the winter. By having this treatment done, your greenery will have an abundant supply of nutrients to last the winter season, allowing them to come back rejuvenated and ready for another season of fullness.

What deep-root fertilization normally involves is injecting common nutrients that trees and shrubs lack during the winter about 14 inches deep underneath the soil. This process is generally done in a grid-like pattern to be completely thorough with the treatment. Full coverage of tree and shrub roots with this process will provide your trees and shrubs with enough nutrients to last throughout the winter.

Do Your Connecticut Trees Need Winter Protection?

Naturally Green Lawn Care is fully equipped to handle the winter care for your trees and shrubs, and most often, that begins in the warmer season to ensure tree survival in the winter.

We are prepared to care for your trees and shrubs in any season. We fully understand the need to keep up a regular care schedule according to the weather outside, and we’re ready to take on that for our clients. Some of the tree and shrub care services we offer include insect control, deep-root injections, disease, and fungus control, and so much more.

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