Connecticut Launches New Tick Monitoring Program

Connecticut has a long, unfortunate history with Lyme disease. Spread through the bite of a tick infected with the Borrelia bacteria, this infectious illness was first diagnosed as a separate condition in 1975 in Old Lyme, Connecticut. This serious, potentially debilitating disease has rapidly increased over the last several years. Research revealed that between 2007 and 2017, a total of 31,471 Lyme disease cases were reported across the state, with several cities and towns demonstrating the highest number of cases.

State Unveils New Initiative to Track Connecticut Ticks

To combat the rising surge in Lyme disease, Connecticut scientists have recently announced a new effort that’s specifically designed to track and monitor ticks in the region. The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station’s tick-monitoring campaign includes trapping ticks for further testing at 40 statewide locations across all eight counties. The state will use $96,000 from the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to pay for the program and will focus on current, new, and emerging tick threats. 

The initiative is important, both to Connecticut and for other regions across the U.S., for many reasons. This year’s tick season is expected to be exceptionally challenging due to a mild winter that didn’t sufficiently decrease the overall population. The campaign will hopefully help scientists and local authorities better understand the rise in tick-borne sicknesses throughout the state. Additionally, while primarily designed to assess Lyme Disease, the most prevalent tick-borne illness in Connecticut, it will also monitor other diseases transmitted by ticks.

Tick Lawn Treatments Can Help Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Connecticut’s tick-monitoring effort is vital to understanding how these parasites behave and transmit diseases. However, it’s not enough to effectively eliminate the threat of these parasites to locals throughout the state. As a result, many home and business owners are utilizing professional tick sprays and lawn treatments to help decrease the presence of these bugs in their lawns, beds, and gardens. 

A reputable lawn care provider that specializes in tick control solutions will use the very latest equipment and market-leading sprays to eliminate these and other pests throughout your yard. Your chosen vendor will arrive on your property to evaluate the layout of your lawn and determine tick “hot spots,” including tall grass and wooded areas. They will systematically treat your property to reduce the populations of these disease-carrying insects during the seasons when ticks are at their most active: spring, summer, and fall. By applying an environmentally safe tick treatment to your property, a qualified team of technicians can help decrease the threat of a bite to help you and your loved ones better enjoy your time spent in your outdoor living spaces. 

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