Lawn Care Goals For 2021

Exercise and travel often make the top of New Year's Resolution lists. What about taking better care of your lawn? Make 2021 the year you finally get the lawn you've been dreaming of with these lawn care ideas.

Lawn Care Tips For 2021

Core Aeration and Overseedingaeration holes

Whether from foot traffic or thatch build-up, the soil of your lawn eventually becomes compacted. Compacted soil is hard and doesn't easily allow water and nutrients to reach your turfgrass's roots. You'll know you have compacted soil if you see puddling water in low-lying areas, thinning or bare patches of grass, noticeably thick thatch, or your garden shovel can't penetrate the earth because it's so hard. To fix this problem, you'll need to aerate your yard. Aeration, or core aeration, is a process that loosens the soil using a specialized tool. This tool removes hundreds of tiny plugs from your lawn. The holes left behind allow water, nutrients, and light to reach the grassroots finally. The removed plugs can be scattered on the lawn, where they will break down naturally into compost. Once you've aerated the soil, consider an overseeding application. A layer of turfgrass seed is scattered on the soil's surface, where it easily takes root in the holes left by the core aeration. Many lawn care companies offer this service in conjunction with core aeration since compacted soil often leaves thinning patches. If you're unsure, don't hesitate to ask your lawn care professional.


Before applying fertilizer, make sure to perform a soil test. If your lawn's pH level is unbalanced, it may not be receptive to fertilizer until you correct the imbalance. If it's on the acidic side, you will need to correct this by adding lime. Otherwise, you're wasting money on fertilizers since your lawn won't be able to absorb them correctly. Once you've achieved a proper pH balance, you'll want to select a good fertilizer. The soil test will be able to tell you which minerals your lawn is lacking. Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium are the three key components of fertilizer. You'll notice a three-digit ratio on mixes like 4-2-2. The numbers represent nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium in that order. Use the soil testing data to find the right balance for your lawn. There are also products called "weed and feed," which let you fertilize your lawn while applying a pre-emergent herbicide. This means the chemical will knock out weeds before they sprout. Herbicides intended for use on lawns are selective, which means they only target weeds. Therefore, you won't have to worry about accidentally killing your grass.

Get Grubs Under Controlgrubs in soil

The larvae of beetles, grubs hatch below the surface and love chowing down on the roots of your grass. You may not spot them directly since they live below the soil, but it could indicate grub activity if you notice brown patches, spongy grass that pulls up easily, or an increase in raccoons, moles, and birds - these animals love dining on grubs! Grub control can easily be applied as part of the fertilization step. Ask your lawn care professional if you should treat for grubs this year. 

Boost Trees And Shrubs

Trees are strong, but even they need a little extra food from time to time. Mulch, deep-root fertilization, or a topical application can all meet your trees' needs, which your lawn care professional can assess. Insecticides stop pests from eating the leaves, and anti-fungal/antibacterial options prevent pests that are difficult to spot until it's too late. Pruning keeps trees and shrubs in a desirable shape and protects your home, garage, or other property from dangerous branches that may be at risk of breaking off.

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